Does MCC have dorms?
MCC does not provide housing for students. View a list of apartments here.

How will I get around? Here is a link to our public bussing system: https://matsbus.com/
You can also view information about transportation in our Welcome Packet located on the Accepted International Students Page.

Where will I grocery shop? You may view options in the Welcome Packet located on the Accepted International Students page.

Where can I find health care? Muskegon’s local hospital and health care options is Trinity Health. https://www.trinity-health.org/
View more about the American health care system here: https://www.internationalstudentinsurance.com/explained/us-healthcare-system-video.php

Will you e-mail me when my application and documents are received?
Yes, when applications and documents are received, you will get an e-mail to confirm.

When can I arrive in the United States once I have been approved for admission?

You may arrive up to 30 days prior to the start of the semester. It will show your first available date to enter the US on your I-20 form.

Am I allowed to have a job in the United States? Unfortunately, the F1 visa disqualifies you from working outside of MCC. If you are interested in working, you can do so ON CAMPUS after your first semester.

Am I eligible for a Social Security Number? Only if you are employed on campus.

Do you provide any resources for Mental Health? Yes! Our counselors on campus are licensed, meaning that they can help with both academic concerns as well as personal concerns.

Am I eligible for any financial aid? Unfortunately, due to being on an F1 visa and having to prove income, you are not eligible for federal or state funding. However, there are potential scholarships available. You can view scholarships on our scholarship page

– Be careful to note specific deadlines and due dates for scholarship applications
– NOTE: You can only apply for scholarships in which do NOT require a FAFSA.
Do I need to take placement test?
Yes, all new international students are required to take a placement test (unless you have completed the SAT/ACT). You cannot fail the placement tests; they are used as a starting point.  These scores will place you in courses that will help you develop the necessary skills for success in future classes.

Review material for ACCUPLACER Testing:

Can I study English as a Second Language at MCC?

No, International students are required to provide English Proficiency as a part of enrollment. The nearest ELS center is in Allendale, MI which is approximately 40 minutes from Muskegon.

Will you notify me if there is a problem with my application?

Yes, an e-mail will be sent out immediately if any information is missing or if anything needs to be verified.

Can I submit my application and documents separately?
You can submit your application and documents separately; however it will cause a delay in processing. It is recommended that you submit all your required documents together to ensure a timely and efficient processing of your application.

What if I am transferring to MCC from another U.S. school? View more information here.

Where can I get international credentials evaluated? If you need assistance with evaluation of international credentials, we partner with Scholaro as an option for you.

Can I get a drivers license? International students and scholars and their dependent family members who will be in Michigan for more than four months are considered Michigan residents and must apply for a Michigan Driver’s License if they intend to drive.

An International Driving Permit issued by your home country, by itself, does not give you permission to drive in Michigan. If you will live in Michigan for more than four months, then you are a Michigan resident and you must apply for a Michigan Driver’s License.

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