Global Awareness Festival 2015

Focus on the Pacific Rim
February 9-12, 2015


The Global Awareness Festival at Muskegon Community College is a week-long event bringing the world a little closer to Muskegon. It includes lectures, discussions, a film festival, ethnic foods, an information fair, global entertainment, artifact displays, 200 flags, and much more!



The Pacific Rim Region is a vibrant and dynamic economic and geographic area comprising over 48 percent of world trade, 58 percent of world GDP, and approximately 44 percent of the world’s population. In terms of investment, trade, and economic development activity, the Pacific Rim Region is the leading area in the world for investment and trade opportunities for the foreseeable future. Consisting of 47 members, the Pacific Rim Region includes 44 independent nations along with Hong Kong, New Caledonia, and French Polynesia. Independent nations, and other resourceful economic entities which abut, or are adjacent to the Pacific Ocean are defined as the Pacific Rim Region   (