Direct Credit Students

If you are a high school student and you are interested in MCC’s Direct Credit program please review the following information on how to complete the MCC application for admission. Students must also speak with their direct credit program counselor to determine which classes they may take.

For more information, please contact:

College Credit at the MACTC of Muskegon County

Direct Credit is the opportunity to earn college credit for taking college-level courses while in high school.  The course is taught by an MACTC instructor, who is an adjunct instructor for Muskegon Community College, during regular CTC hours.  Students receive a grade and credit on their college transcript.  The Direct Credit cost of tuition, textbook(s), software, and other required materials will be paid by the MAISD/Career Tech Center.

In exchange, it is the student’s responsibility is to maintain excellent attendance and complete all assigned work for the course.  Students who leave the CTC, change programs, or receive less than a C in the Direct Credit course must repay the CTC for all associated costs.

Direct Credit Student Criteria (as set forth by the MAISD and area superintendents)

The MACTC student shall:

  • have earned the recommendation of the MACTC instructor
  • have earned a minimum 2.5 GPA (cumulative from official high school transcript)
  • maintain a 90% or better rate of attendance
  • file a current and complete EDP
  • demonstrate the intention to continue education within the program pathway

Lindsay Pulsipher
College Credit Specialist
Phone:  231-767-3664
Fax:  231-767-2692

Location of courses:
Muskegon Area Career Tech Center
200 Harvey Street
Muskegon MI 49442

College Credit-Direct Credit and Articulation of Ottawa County

At the beginning of each trimester a presentation is given to all programs who have Direct Credit available. Students are given an application to fill out if they are interested in earning college credit while in high school.

Students will need to provide their PLAN and/or ACT/SAT scores for certain college classes, if these scores do not meet the minimum requirement (or if the student has not taken either of these tests) students can take the ACCUPLACER test at Careerline Tech Center at no cost.

Students and parents may wish to visit for a list of MCC college classes and the credit equivalencies at various colleges and universities throughout Michigan. The amount of credit available is different for each CTC program and can be found on the programs pages of our website.

Students apply for articulated credit towards the end of their senior year by filling out an articulation form and turning it in to the College & Career Services Office. Students need an average of a “B” or above in their Tech Center class to be eligible for articulation.

Deb Huggins
Direct Credit/Articulation Specialist
(616)738-8950 x4204

Location of courses:
Careerline Tech Center in Holland
13663 Port Sheldon Street
Holland MI 49424