Honors Credits

MCC Honors Students Get More
If you want more one-on-one time with instructors, more challenge, and more opportunities, look into earning Honors Credits at Muskegon Community College.  Honors Credits are additional credits of coursework that you can earn in conjunction with a variety of standard classes.  Students who add the Honors Credit option have the opportunity to work under the guidance of an instructor to consider course concepts more deeply through one credit’s worth of additional research, writing, or other instructor-approved study or practice.  Earning Honors Credits is a great way to explore areas of interest and can help you stand out when applying for scholarships and pursuing advanced degrees.  Plus, students who earn a grade of “B” or better are reimbursed for the Honors Credits, so you can earn additional credits at no cost!  Learn more about learning more by contacting the Office of Academic Affairs by email at academicaffairs@muskegoncc.edu or by calling (231) 777-0450.

Definition: An Honors credit offers a high-achieving student the opportunity to work under the guidance of an instructor to consider course concepts more deeply through one credit’s worth of additional research, writing, or other instructor-approved study or practice.
Note: An Honors credit is not an independent course, rather an additional credit of coursework taken in conjunction with a class in which the student is enrolled.
Eligibility: Only eligible students may register for and earn Honors credits. Eligibility requires that you meet at least one of the following criteria:
  • 12 credits of 100-level or higher coursework completed at MCC and a 3.25 cumulative GPA;
  • ACT composite score of 24 (out of 36) or SAT composite score of 1170 (out of  1600); OR
  • ACCUPLACER score of 100 on Reading, 100 on Writing, and 40 on College-Level Math
Step 1:  Make sure you’re eligible. In WebAdvisor, you can check your GPA by looking at your transcript and see your SAT and ACCUPLACER test scores by viewing your “Test Summary.”
Step 2:  Seek out opportunities to earn Honors credits:
  • In the schedule booklet, look for “HON” sections.
  • On WebAdvisor, search “HON” or “honors” as your “Course Title Keyword(s).”
  • If a class you’re interested in does not have an Honors section listed in the schedule, contact the instructor. Many instructors do not list Honors sections but are willing to work with eligible students who seek out the opportunity.
Step 3:  Register (and pay) for your Honors credit on WebAdvisor or by having your instructor sign an add slip. You may register for your Honors credit at any time between the open of the registration period through the second week of the semester.
Step 4:  Know what’s expected of you. In order to earn an Honors credit, you must complete an additional credit’s worth of study throughout the semester. Your specific assignment, when you do it, and how you do it will be up to the instructor. Many instructors have predetermined Honors coursework, while others prefer to work one-on-one with Honors students to develop a project that allows you to pursue further research or practice with a topic that applies specifically to your educational or career goals. At the beginning of the semester, you should meet with your instructor to discuss your Honors credit and make sure you understand what is expected of you.
Step 5:  Enjoy your Honors study! This is the fun part! Take advantage of opportunities to conference or work one-on-one with your instructor. This kind of interaction with an expert is invaluable!
Step 6:  Complete the requirements of your Honors credit. If you earn a B or better in the course, you’ll be reimbursed for the tuition you paid for the Honors credit after grades are posted.
Step 7:  Keep your grades up, and repeat the process next semester with new and exciting courses!
Contact the Office of Academic Affairs by email at academicaffairs@muskegoncc.edu or by calling (231) 777-0450.