Online Library Catalog

Library Online Catalog

Search the library online catalog to find print books, videocassettes, CDs, DVDs and instructor reserves held in the Hendrik Meijer Library.  Quickly find out if the material you need is in the library.  Use the library map to see where your book or material is located.

The opening screen of Online Catalog is the Quick Search page; for a comprehensive search use the Advance Search option.  Click on RESERVE DESK to change from the general catalog to Instructor Reserves.  See video of searching in Instructor Reserves.

Searches in the Quick Search mode are by Keyword, Browse or Exact.


  1. Search by “keyword” (default) to find your words anywhere in the searched or selected field.  (author, subject, title)
  2. Use a $ to indicate truncation: computer$ will find computer, computers, computerization, etc.
  3. Use ? to indicate a “wildcard” letter:  wom?n will find woman or women
  4. Use AND, OR, NOT to indicate relationships of your search terms: teen$ OR adolescents OR juveniles NOT delinquents
  5. Use single quotes around phrases: ‘community college’


  1. Click on “browse” to search using the alphabetical index to authors, subjects or titles.
  2. Type in the first word or two of the title or subject.
  3. Type in the author’s last name and first initial to browse by author.


  1. Exact search mode is used rarely and must be used with caution
  2. This search will search for exact matches only.   You must type in the entire title (including subtitle, if present), author or subject with correct punctuation.
  3. This may be useful if you already have the exact title, author, or subject (previously found using WebCat) and need to get quickly to a specific item.