Computer Usage

Hendrik Meijer Library has computers for for students and community patrons to utilize for work, research, email, etc. All computer users must adhere to MCC’s Computer Usage Policy, Wireless Computer Access Policy, and Email policy.  All three policies can be located within the Student Code of Conduct.
Please remember that the MCC computers are primarily for academic use.  Those not doing academic research and assignments maybe asked to give up their computer for a student having legitimate academic and research needs.


Log into a computer by using your MCC username and password.
If you do not know your student username and password please visit the IT page or contact the Student IT Helpdesk at 866-718-5170
If students are unable to access their account after speaking with Student IT Helpdesk please visit the library’s Circulation desk for a guest pass.

Community patrons

Guest passes are needed to use the computers and access the Wi-Fi network. They are issued at the Circulation desk (located to the left as you enter the library). To receive a guest pass, visitors must show a valid form of ID (Driver’s License, Passport, State ID) or apply for and receive a library card.
During heavy usage periods such as term paper rush, midterm and final exams, library computers may be reserved for student use only.