New Student Orientation


Select your student type below to see your custom orientation selection:

New/Returning Student

This is your first time attending Muskegon Community College or if you are returning to Muskegon Community College after attending here before.

Transfer Student

You are transferring to Muskegon Community College from another College or University.

Dual Enrolled Student

You are currently in high school and will be taking a college class at Muskegon Community College

Community Guest

You applied as a Community Guest, meaning you are just taking classes and not working towards a degree.

College Guest

You are a student at another College or University and are taking a class at Muskegon Community College at the same time.

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Just a reminder that orientation is mandatory for all students!

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New Student Orientation F&Qs!

*Video created by Student Ambassador Emily 2019


Learning what to do before you need to do it, and how to get help before you need it, can make your transition into college life the stress-free time you’ve envisioned. Attending an Orientation session at MCC will equip you with the tools you need to become a successful college student!  Scroll up to select your student type and get started today!

Orientation Documents and Forms found here!

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