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Be social with MCC! Muskegon Community College encourages all students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members take part and stay updated with all things MCC.

We view social media as an engaging and powerful tool to stay connected and communicate within our MCC community. With that in mind, we would love to see your pictures, videos, and hear about your experiences at MCC. When you post to social media, be sure to tag us @Muskegoncc or use #Muskegoncc so we can find your content!

If you run a MCC-related social media site, please refer to the MCC Policies, Procedures, and Best Practices.

If you would like MCC to post your content on one of its primary social pages, please refer to the MCC Social Media Request Form.


MCC’s Primary Social Media Sites

MCC Facebook
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MCC Softball
MCC Women’s Soccer
MCC Track & Field and Cross Country
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Jayhawk Wrestling Club
MCC Jayhawks Hockey Club

MCC CDL Driver Training
MCC Graphic Design
MCC & MSU Ag Tech Program

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Jayhawk Sound
MCC AFS Student Chapter
MCC Alumni & Friends
MCC Christian Fellowship
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MCC Experiential Learning Center
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MCC Motorsports Club
MCC Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society
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Muskegon Area Honors Orchestra
The Bay Window

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MCC Sturrus Technology Center
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MCC Lakeshore Fab Lab
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Lakeshore Fitness Center
GVSU Muskegon Regional Center
MCC Office of Community Outreach

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MCC Athletics
MCC Softball
MCC Wrestling
MCC Track & Field
MCC Women’s Soccer
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Jayhawk Volleyball

Clubs, Organizations, and Student Media
The Bay Window

MCC Locations and Services
Lakeshore Fitness Center
MCC Enrollment