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There are many good Internet sites that are useful to the research process.  Included here are free Web sites that we have found useful.  To report problems with broken links, please send an email message to


Searchable Databases

Internet Sites for Students 

Governmental, City, State and Local Information

Business/Commercial Information

Internet Searches and Search Engines

Resources for Our Faculty and Administrators

Internet Information

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Searchable databases


Book Databases (Some also include videos and compact discs.)

  • Barnes and Noble This site includes new books as well as over 6 million used and/or rare books.
  • Chegg for buying and selling textbooks.
  • Digital Book Index is a large index to the many full text books located online. Included in the index are books from netLibrary, Library of Congress eTexts, and many universities.
  • Best Book Buys search through 28 book stores to find the best prices.
  • ISBN.NU An ISBN search to compare prices from online bookstores.
  • Schuler Books with reviews.
  • Amazon Books Large listing of currently available books.
  • Advanced Book Exchange Find out-of-print, rare and antiquarian books. Searchable database of bookstores’ inventories.
  • Alibris “The Ultimate Source for Out-of-Print & Rare Books”.
  • Bookfinder Will locate new or used books by searching through several different databases including Advanced Book Exchange, Bibliocity, Interloc, Antiqbook, Powell’s Books, and
  • What’s Next provided by Kent District Library. Use this site to determine the order of (fictional) books in series. Searchable by author, title of book, or title of series.
  • Library Booksales Search the booksales of libraries in the United States.
  • Biblio database of over 100 million used, rare and out-of-print books.
  • BookGilt  Metasearch for book collectors, including antiquarian and rare books.


Governmental, city, state and local information

Governmental Search Engines
Local Government/Local Information
State of Michigan
United States Government
Miscellaneous City, State and U.S. Information
  • City Search allows users to enter a zip code and find information about events, lodging, entertainment, job postings, and much more.
  • Compare demographics of cities at Moving.Com.
  • U.S. Hometown Locator includes information about U.S. physical, cultural and historical features.

Business/Commercial Information

  Subject Searches and Subject Catalogs

Metasearch Engines and Collections of Search Sites

  • Metacrawler metasearch that searches through google, bing, yahoo, etc…
  • IxQuick Claims to be the world’s most powerful search engine. Searches are from 14 of the top search engines including AOL, Altavista, EuroSeek, Excite, Fast Search, GoTo, Hotbot, Infoseek, LookSmart, MSN, NBCi, Webcrawler, Yahoo and xRefer
  • Vivisimo A metasearch tool with results folders. Has the ability to limit a search to news sources, Web search engine sites, or other online sources.
  • SurfWax includes a variety of search engines and databases.
  • Dogpile A multi-engine searching tool.
  • Search Engines of the World A large collection of search engines from many countries.
  • ZapMeta In addition to grouping results into related folders, this metasearch engine arranges results in order by domain, by relevance, by title, by search engine, or by popularity.
  • MSN Web Search provided by Microsoft.
  • Starting Point Search engine and subject catalog.
  • Teoma Results are grouped and users may refine their search or look through directories which contain their search terms.
  • WiseNut This search engine also groups results into related folders.

Search Engines

Other Libraries and Library Issues

Library Societies, Associations and Services

Resources for Our Faculty and Administrators


News Sources


  • Books
    • Digital Book Index is a large index to the many full text books located online. Included in the index are books from netLibrary, Library of Congress eTexts, and many universities.
    • Online Books listing put together at the University of Pennsylvania.
    • Project Gutenberg Large database of full text books.
    • Making of America archives at the University of Michigan. Contains scanned full text of books and periodicals from the 19th century.
    • National Academy Press Reading Room contains the full text of many of its books; search for the books by Title, Topic, or ISBN.

E-mail Services

 Other Useful Sites

  • Images and Video
    • Google Image Search
    • Yahoo Image Search
    • Digital Collections from the University of Washington Libraries. This searchable site offers nearly 40 different image collections from the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities and other areas.
    • UPI News Pictures contains over 100,000 pictures from the news. They currently are adding about 1,200 new images each month.
  • Sounds
    • Use FindSounds to search for brief sound effects, musical instrument samples, birds, animals, and a variety of everyday sounds.


  • Finding People
    • Switchboard A telephone book for the U.S. Use to find residential and business telephone numbers and addresses. Also will retrieve maps and directions.
    • WhoWhere from Lycos.
    • Whitepages People, business, reverse phone and address searches.
    • Family Search Genealogy Database provided by the LDS Church in Utah.
    • ZoomInfo
  • Quick Facts and Statistical Information