Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission Statement Our Purpose
Muskegon Community College, dedicated to equity and excellence, prepares students, builds communities, and improves lives.

Vision Statement What We Hope to Accomplish

An educated, inclusive community.

Values* The Manner in Which We Advance Our Mission

The Pursuit of Knowledge: A place where all staff and students share goals and work together to strengthen teaching and learning
Academic Freedom: A place where freedom of expression and civility are practiced, encouraged, and protected among all groups
Diversity: A place where every person is respected and where diversity is pursued
Quality: A place where staff accepts their obligations to each other and where service to others, internally and externally, is encouraged
Shared Governance: A place where the well-being of each individual is supported and where well-defined governance processes guide behavior for the good of the institution
Community Leadership: A place whose ideas and resources are shared with other members of the educational community – locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally
Professional Collegiality and/or Integrity: A place in which the institution’s rituals, affirming both tradition and change, are shared and where the accomplishments of its staff and students are recognized
Access: A place where we promote and embrace community partnerships with a variety of organizations, agencies and institutions

Muskegon Community College is guided by our mission, vision, and values.  All three of these statements should work together in harmony, without overlaps or gaps.
  • mission statement should define our purpose (adopted in January 2017)
  • The vision statement should be aspirational and explain what we hope to accomplish (endorsed by the Board of Trustees August 2017)
  • An organization’s values describes behaviors and the manner in which we achieve our vision (after the vision statement is finalized, we will define our guiding values)

*The Strategic Plan Implementation Advisory Team is currently working with the campus and community to update our values to better support our mission and vision. We expect to have the new value statements defined by the end of 2019.