FREE Pizza with the President Feb. 26 & 28

All students are invited to join MCC President, Dr. John Selmon, in the Gerber Lounge to enjoy some pizza and share suggestions for how MCC can provide the best possible college experience!

Stop by the Gerber Lounge any time between 12 and 1:15pm on Monday, February 26 or 4:45 and 6pm on Wednesday, February 28.  Please note that there is limited capacity and pizza is available on first-come basis.

Students can also share their suggestions at

Members of the Integrated Planning Steering Committee and the Achieving the Dream Team will incorporate student input into the implementation of the strategic plan and other student success initiatives.  Visit to learn more about the MCC 2022-2026 Strategic Plan.

The Achieving the Dream Team is a caring group of education specialists focused on your success!  Learn more at