2010-2016 Strategic Plan

2010 Strategic Plan Approach

In today’s changing economic, cultural and technological landscapes, planning for the future is critical. To face the future head on, Muskegon Community College has updated its Strategic Plan to meet its goal of being “the first and best choice” for educational opportunities.

The process of updating this defining document began in 2009 with a call from President Nesbary for all MCC staff to participate. Beginning with an initial organizational meeting, Dr. Nesbary outlined the ground rules and current national, regional and local research results, issues and trends. A subcommittee structure was established giving each a series of charges to guide the planning process. A number of committee and subcommittee meetings were held, both on and off campus, over the following months. These meetings brought together MCC staff, Board of Trustee members and community stakeholders and focused on specific hopes, fears, strengths, priorities, trends, and competition.

The committees charge was to discuss, review, strategize and develop the plan priorities. As predicted by Dr. Nesbary at the opening organizational meeting, tough questions were addressed and honest discussions revealed opportunities. These discussions resulted in data, community input and ideas that were further refined into five Strategic Plan Priorities and corresponding goals, all developed in support of the College’s Mission, Vision, Guiding Values, and Guiding Principles.

In coordination with and in support of the 2010 Strategic Plan, Muskegon Community College completed a facility master plan in 2010 that indicated a clear need for additional instruction space. The master planning process was coordinated by the architectural firm TowerPinkster and included input from students, faculty, the MCC Board of Trustees, and community members. The final plan defined three academic areas that require expansion in order to meet student needs: science, health education, and creative/performing arts.

The 2010 Facility Master Plan is available to review at www.muskegoncc.edu/administration/master-plan.


2010 Community Ascertainment Survey

In October 2010, Muskegon Community College conducted a community ascertainment survey in Muskegon, Newaygo, Oceana and Ottawa Counties. Results were gathered online and via telephone from a modest size of 500 respondents, who represented the general public, current MCC students, recent MCC graduates, prospective MCC students, high school faculty/counselors/principals and the business community.

The findings were organized into five sections: Perceptions of Community Colleges and Related Issues, Evaluating Muskegon Community College, Facts about Muskegon Community College, Information, and Demographics.

To view the complete report, click here.


For more information about strategic planning at MCC, contact:

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