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Already applied but need to change your start term or academic program? Email admissions@muskegoncc.edu, do not reapply.

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    Information on the different admit types are below.
Please review the list below before applying to ensure you are applying correctly.
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New, Returning, and Transfer Students:

If you have never attended Muskegon Community College and would like to take classes to complete a degree and/or certification you will need to complete a admissions application as a new student.

If you have taken classes at Muskegon Community College as a dual enrolled, direct credit or early college student in the past and have or will be graduating this year please complete a Prior Dual Enrolled/Direct Credit/Early College Admissions Application. Please create another application (not application account) choosing a new academic program as a college student.  If you have any questions or problems please contact Admissions at admissions@muskegoncc.edu or 231-777-0366.

If you have attended Muskegon Community College in the past and you would like to return to complete classes to earn a degree and/or certification please complete the application as a returning student.  

If you attended another institution and plan to transfer credits to Muskegon Community College please complete the online application as a transfer student and have all official transcripts forwarded for evaluation.  All College transcripts must be sent directly to us, MCC will not accept transcripts hand delivered. Transfer students who wish to receive a degree from Muskegon Community College must complete no less than 30 or the last 15 hours at MCC and attain a 2.0 or better overall grade-point average.

If you have been authorized to take classes by your employer at the employer’s expense you will need to complete the admissions application.

Both Sponsor and Apprenticeship students will also need to complete the Sponsor Authorization Request Form. Forms must be signed by the student and employer.  To secure payment for class, the Sponsor Authorization Form must be sent each semester. If students do not wish to register online through MyMCC, the Sponsor Authorization Request Form can be used as a paper registration form.  MCC will register the student for courses listed, provided all course prerequisites are met and space is available. Processing time is up to three business days.

If you are entering into an apprenticeship program with your employer you will need to complete the Community Guest Application.

Guest Students:

Please choose the right application form for you, based on whether you are a new, returning, or guest student. All of these forms are web-based and designed to be filled out securely on the Internet.

If you are currently enrolled at another institution and would like to take classes at Muskegon Community College to transfer back to your respective college please complete the application as a college guest student.  You will need to also complete the Michigan Uniform Undergraduate Guest Application. This is in addition to the admissions application. You will need to print the application and mail or fax it to:

If you have not completed high school or the GED, or wish to take selected courses without the intent of earning a degree, diploma, or certificate, you may be admitted as a Guest (non-degree) applicant. As a Guest student you will be eligible to change to regular admission status upon submitting your high school transcript, GED test scores or appropriate test results to the Admissions Office. It is your responsibility to initiate the change to regular admission status

If you plan to attend Muskegon Community College at the same time as high school, please complete the application that applies to your situation (ie: Dual Enrolled, Early College, Direct Credit) in addition to the following forms:

International Students:

Applicants who are non-U.S. citizens will select status when completing new student application. Please view our guide ahead of time to choose the appropriate option.

Helpful Information:

Need help applying?  Please watch the video below!


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Request an informational packet (View-book):

By selecting the Request Information button below MCC will send you our Viewbook.  MCC’s Viewbook has exciting information for any community members interested in the college.

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MCC Power Outage Notice

Due to a power outage, All MCC in-person classes are cancelled today, Tuesday, June 25th. All buildings are closed. On-line classes are open.