Budget and Performance Transparency Reporting

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
FOIA Policy and Guidelines
In compliance with Public Act 62, Section 209, Muskegon Community College will update the following information annually prior to November 15:
Annual Expenditures

Link to Activities Classification Structure (ACS) Report
ACS-3 Expenditures by Function
ACS-5 Tuition Taxable Value & Millage
ACS-7 Plant and Ground Expenditures

Audits and Financial Reports

Debt Service Obligations

MCC Audited Financial Statements 6-30-16
MCC Single Audited Report 6-30-2016

MCC Audited Financial Statements 6-30-15
MCC Single Audited Report 6-30-2015

MCC Audited Financial Statement 6-30-2014
MCC Single Audit Report 6-30-2014

MCC Audited Financial Statement 6-30-2013
MCC Single Audit Report 6-30-2013

MCC Audited Financial Statements 6-30-2012
MCC Single Audit Report 6-30-2012


FY 2016-2017 General Fund Budget
FY 2016-2017 Budget and FY 2017-18 Projection
2016-2017 Estimated Summary of PPACA Taxes and Fees
2015-2016 Estimated Summary of PPACA Taxes & Fees

Local Strategic Value Resolution

Board of Trustees Minutes (Draft)
Local Strategic Value Resolution

Section 209 (5) Reporting Requirement

Section 209 (5) Reporting Requirement


Collective Bargaining Agreements

Use and Finance

Use and Finance Reporting Form June 2017
Use and Finance Reporting Form December 2016

Use and Finance Bi-Annual Reporting Form June 2016
Use and Finance Template December 2015
Use and Finance Template June 2015

Use and Finance Template December 2014
Use and Finance Template June 2014

Health Care Benefit Plans:
Blue Preferred Rx Prescription Drug Coverage
Community Blue PPO1
Community Blue PPO12
Hearing/Long Term Care/Disability
Simply Blue PPO HSA Plan 1250
Simply Blue PPO 250
Blue Dental PPO Plus with Medical Coverage
Blue Dental PPO Plus without Medical Coverage
Blue Vision with VSP Choice Network