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Women Bowlers Finish Seventh in Nation; Doubles Team Places 17th 

Stacey Walton (Grant, MI/Fremont) and Becky Spoelman (Muskegon, MI/Orchard View) scored 837 to take 17th place in the nation at the women’s double championshipsduring the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) National Championships on Friday at the Thruway Lanes in Cheektowaga, N.Y.

The women finished seventh in the nation on Saturday in the team competition.

Ashley Martz (Muskegon, MI/Oakridge) and Alyssa Farrel  (Muskegon, MI/Orchard View) took 21st place with 725 points and Jolene Douglas (Fruitport, MI/Fruitport) and Mallory Lynn (Muskegon, MI/West Michigan Christian) 23rd place with 714 points among the 24 teams in the competition.

In the singles competition, Jolene Douglas led the Jayhawks with her 21st place score of 470 points. Stacey Walton was 27th with 458, Becky Spoelman 33rd with 434, Mallory Lynn 51st with 379, Alyssa Farrel 55th with 341 and Ashley Martz 56th with 319.

Women Take Third in MCC Invitational

The Jayhawk women bowlers took third place in the Muskegon Community College Invitational held Friday afternoon at Northway Lanes.

Siena Heights won the tourney with 3,525 pins. Delta CC was second with 3,215 and MCC took third with 3,082.

As she has all season, Stacey Walton (Grant, MI/Fremont) led the MCC squad. She rolled a 477 (161-183-133). Becky Spoelman followed with her 425 (138-138-149) and Jolene Douglas (Fruitport, MI/Fruitport) with 406 (128-170-116). The other Jayhawk scorers were: Mallory Lynn (Muskegon, MI/West Michigan Christian) with 399 (128-151-120), Alyssa Farrel (Muskegon, MI/Orchard View) with 367 (137-107-123) and Ashley Martz (Muskegon, MI/Oakridge) with 312 (128-151-120).

Walton Rolls High Game in Tourney

MCC’s Stacey Walton (Grant, MI/Fremont) rolled a 223 to take high-game honors at the four-team Schoolcraft Invitational Friday at the Merri-Bowl Lanes in Livonia, MI.

Siena Heights won with 3,534 pins followed by MCC with 3,390, Delta CC 3,383 and Lansing CC 3,3039.

Jayhawks Coach Bill Bowen was pleased with his squad’s consistent effort. MCC trailed by only 50 pins after the first game and by 100 after the second.  Walton led all MCC scores with 178-223-158=559. Alyssa Farrel (Muskegon, MI/Orchard View) had 161-144-162=467, Ashley Martz (Muskegon, MI/Oakridge) 156-128-147=431, Becky Spoelman (Muskegon, MI/Orchard View) 136-143-135=414, Jolene Douglas (Fruitport, MI/Fruitport) 129-158-124=411. Mallory Lynn (Muskegon, MI/West Michigan Christian) rolled a 126 and 134.

Women Bowlers Beat Lansing CC in Thriller

In a thriller at Northway Lanes on Friday afternoon, the MCC women bowlers edged Lansing CC by just four pins — 3,415-3,411 – – with a strong finish in the final frames.

Trailing by 20 pins after three games, the Jayhawks turned up the heat in the Baker competition. MCC’s Stacey Walton (Grant, MI/Fremont) made the 6-10 split in the 10th frame of the final game and gave the hosts their winning margin in the extra frame.

“You don’t get much closer than that,” said victorious Jayhawks Coach Bill Bowen. “The team bowled a 197 in the final Baker game to get us the win.”

Walton led the MCC charge on the day with her scores of 180-169-169=518. The other top Jayhawks bowlers were: Mallory Lynn (Muskegon, MI/Western Michigan Christian) with 144-208-122=474; Becky Spoelman (Muskegon, MI/Orchard View) 136-186-148=470; Jolene Douglas (Fruitport, MI/Fruitport) 124-153-120=397; Alyssa Farrel (Muskegon, MI/Orchard View) 131-119-132=382; and Ashley Martz (Muskegon, MI/Oakridge) 129-114-148=381.

Delta Downs MCC Women Bowlers

Delta CC defeated the MCC women bowlers 3,424 to 3,260 on Friday afternoon at the Northern Lanes outside Midland, MI.

“We were down only 40 pins after the first game but we had a very poor second game and were down 300 pins,” said MCC Coach Bill Bowen. “That was just too much to overcome. We bowled 25 games. That’s a lot. It was a five-hour match. It’s a test not only of physical endurance, but mental toughness as well. That’s something we need to improve on, letting go of the bad games and moving forward.”

Sophomore Rebecca Spoelman (Muskegon, MI/Orchard View) led the Jayhawks (158-130-144=432). The other scorers were: Stacey Walton (Grant, MI/Fremont) (152-130-146=428), Jolene Douglas (Fruitport, MI/Fruitport) (149-144-121=414), Mallory Lynn (Muskegon, MI/West Michigan Christian) (127-125-118=350) and Alyssa Farrel (Muskegon, MI/Orchard View) (106-118-96=320).

The Jayhawks return home on Friday when they host Lansing CC, Schoolcraft CC and Delta CC at 11 a.m. at Northway Lanes.

Women Bowlers Win First-Ever Tournament Title

The MCC women’s bowling team, in its second year as a program, captured its first-ever tournament title on Friday afternoon when the Jayhawks won the four-team Lansing CC Invitational at the Royal Scot Golf & Bowl.

MCC led the team standings with 3,145 points, followed by Lansing CC with 2,945, Delta CC with 2,44 and Schoolcraft CC with 2,921.

“This was a huge win for the program,” said Jayhawks Coach Bill Bowen. “We never won a tournament last year. I think from top to bottom, we are a much more, well-rounded team this year.”

Stacey Walton (Grant, MI/Fremont High) led all MCC bowlers with her mark of  541 (188-163-190). The other Jayhawks scores were: Mallory Lynn (Muskegon, MI/West Michigan Christian High) with 462 (127-182-153), Alyssa Farrel (Muskegon, MI/Orchard View High) with 458 (146-192-120), Becky Spoelman (Muskegon, MI/Orchard View High) with 453 (135-167-151) and Jolene Douglas (Fruitport, MI/Fruitport High) with 449 (132-171-146).