MCC Board of Trustees Unanimously Approves Tuition Freeze for 2021-22 Academic Year

Aerial view of campus

The Muskegon Community College Board of Trustees unanimously approved a recommendation by the MCC administration to freeze the upcoming 2021-22 academic year tuition at its current 2020-21 rates.

The Board took the action at its regularly scheduled meeting on March 17.

“I would like to thank the administration for bringing this recommendation for the freeze of tuition,” said Trustee Dr. Donald Crandall. “The Board always struggles every year when we get to the point where we have to decide what we want to do with tuition. It’s always a difficult time for us and it’s good to have this put behind us and good for the students.”

“Over the years, we have struck a balance when faced with the question of tuition increases,” added Vice Chair Sean Mullally. “I do think this last year in particular presents a very good occasion to take a break and give the students a little bit of breathing room for a year.”

“A tuition freeze is something we have been focusing on for some time,” explained MCC President Dale K. Nesbary. “We believe it will make a difference in our students’ lives. That’s exactly why we are doing it. We don’t do it lightly. We have programs to operate that need sufficient revenue, but at this moment in time, we are able to do this. I would say ‘kudos’ to our students for hanging in through these difficult times. Hopefully, this is a little bit that will help them move forward.”