MCC Series Looks at ‘Racial Progress? The Obama-Trump Era’ on Feb. 13

And Justice for All lecture Series Graphic

MCC’s popular “And Justice for All…” series will focus on “Racial Progress? The Obama-Trump Era” on Thursday, Feb. 13, at 6 p.m. in Stevenson Center Room 1300.

Now in its fifth year, the series continues to engage students and community members in larger societal issues beyond the normal classroom discussions. The event is free and the public is encouraged to attend.

MCC Sociology Instructor Nicholas Budimir will summarize some recent trends, facilitate discussion and conduct electronic audience surveys. Those attending should bring their cell phones to participate in the onsite surveys.

“What has happened in race relations and racial politics over the last decade?” asks Budimir. “Have we made progress or taken a leap backwards? America’s first Black President served two terms. A real-estate mogul and television star has become a lightning rod of racial politics. Both figures have been part of a polarized racial debate in the country at large. The country wrestles over the future of immigration policy and the vision of an inclusive nation. Join us in a public discussion and assessment of what has happened in America over the last decade of racial politics.”

For more information, contact the MCC Officer of the Provost at (231) 777-0266.