Office of Community Outreach

The Office of Community Outreach (OCO) at MCC is responsible for managing the communications and image of the college. Our primary functions include institutional marketing, communications, media relations, MCC TV, web content management, social media, graphics and printing services, and Continuing Education. Our goal is to provide one point of contact for any MCC communication-related activities.

If you are a community member interested in engaging with the College, please contact Trynette Lottie-Harps, Dean of Community Outreach, at (231) 777-0559 or

OCO Responsibilities:

  • Marketing
  • Communications
  • MCC TV
  • Media Relations
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Continuing Education
  • Graphics and Printing Services
OCO Staff:

Trynette Lottie-Harps – Dean of Community Outreach (Marketing)
Room 1361B
Phone: (231) 777-0559
Fax: (231) 777-0312

Peter Koryzno – Communications Manager (MCC Website, Media Relations)
Room 1357B
Phone: (231) 777-0583
Fax: (231) 777-0312

Rod VanNortwick — MCC TV Operations Manager
Room 1350A
Phone: (231) 777-0541

Kristina Broughton – Social Media Coordinator
Room 1357C
Phone: (231) 777-0582

Sche Cornelius – Continuing Education Coordinator
Room 1353
Phone: (231) 777-0532

Amy James – Director of Marketing and Branding
Room 1357E
Phone: (231) 777-0547
Fax: (231) 777-0312

Jeff Hedges – Graphic Designer/Printing Services Supervisor
Room 1357D
Phone: (231) 777-0316
Fax: (231) 777-0312

Allison Cooper – Printing Services Specialist
Room 1359
Phone: (231) 777-0647
Fax: (231) 777-0312