Autocross Racing Returns to MCC on May 25

autocross racing at MCC

autocross racing at MCCAutocross racers will have the chance to test their skills on Muskegon Community College’s parking lot on Saturday, May 25, during an event organized by the Furrin Group, a West Michigan-based autocross club whose members race their own vehicles.

“MCC’s Automotive Program welcomes autocross and the Furrin Group back to the college,” said Al Thomas, who directs both the student club and the academic program at MCC. “This exciting form of automotive competition is open to all adult drivers. MCC Automotive Club members are serving as volunteers with the club receiving any profits as a donation.”

Autocross is a timed event that pits a driver’s skill and a car’s handling ability against the clock.

A course is laid out using cones and the goal is to travel from the starting line to the finish in the lowest amount of time. A time penalty is incurred when cones are hit, so precision and control are essential.

Almost any production car is welcome, from showroom stock to heavily modified. Cars only compete against similar cars depending on their original performance and modifications. Cars are never near each other on the course and the speeds are relatively low.

“A helmet and closed-toed shoes are necessary,” said Thomas. “The club has loaner helmets and plenty of instruction.  If you wish, one of the experienced club members will ride along with you in your car to guide and explain the course.  Any car is welcome, smaller is better and no prior autocross experience necessary. “

Registration takes place in the MCC North Parking Lot from 8:30-10 a.m. The drivers meeting takes placed at 10:30 a.m. with the racing to follow.  The cost is $20 for the public, $15 for Furrin members, and $10 for racers with vintage cars built before 1980. Each racer gets four attempts on the course.

Participants must bring a valid driver’s license. Individuals under 18 years of age must have both parents sign a minor waiver. Cars will be inspected for loose/worn suspension parts, a secured battery, tire wear, and adequate brakes and seatbelts.

For more information, contact Al Thomas at