Education Articulation Agreements

Muskegon Community College Course Articulation

The purpose of articulated credit is to provide a mechanism which will enable advanced technology credit to transfer to Muskegon Community College, thereby granting equivalent college credits to students for identified task competencies achieved in secondary programs.  “Articulation” means the process by which Advanced Technical Credit will be approved and accepted from one educational institution to another.

A student must enroll at Muskegon Community College within 18 months following high school graduation in order to be eligible for college credit.  If this time limit has expired, the student may choose to take competency examinations in accordance with regulations stated in the College catalog.  The student must successfully complete at least six (6) semester hour Muskegon Community College credits in his or her program of study (major) before any approved articulated credit can be recorded on the student’s college transcript.  If an articulated course is part of a sequence, the next sequential course must be completed successfully to receive the credit.

Articulated credit applied to a specific post-secondary program of study will be limited to a maximum of 49% of the required number of hours for certificate, diploma, or associates degree programs of study at Muskegon Community College.

High school students interested in course articulation should contact their counselor for information and application.  Tuition will not be charged for articulated credit, however, a processing fee may be imposed.

After successful completion of their education program here at Muskegon Community College, students are able to transfer credits to Grand Valley State University, Western Michigan University, Michigan State University and others.  Students can then earn a Bachelor’s degree at the four year university.  MCC currently has a written articulation agreement with GVSU, MSU and WMU. Please contact:

Jennifer Volkers  Education Coordinator 231-777-0397