Winter 2024 Creative Writing & Art Contest

The English and Communications Department and the English Honor Society (Sigma Zeta) have announced the winners of the Winter Semester Creative Writing and Art Contest. The results are below.


  1. “The Angel that Came to See Me” by Taylor Johnson
  2. “Teeth” by Caroline Jeisy
  3. “She was Home” by Sidney Gould

Creative Nonfiction:

  1. “Bikini Girl” by Taylor Johnson
  2. “The Eye of the Storm” by Kassity Perrault
  3. “Elementary Education: A Memory” by Natasha DeLonge


  1. “A Waking Fire” by Jessana Sorto Gavarrete
  2. “Creatures of the Night” by Berlyn Nickerson
  3. “Valeria’s House” by S.G. Siebert


  1. “Outside at the Shelter” by Camber Tanis

2. “Woman Statue” by Alicia Alvarado

3. “Tomorrow’s Forest” by Nicolas Taylor


  1. “Buoy Shack” by Finnegan Conner

2. “Staircase Melancholy” by Logan Green

3. “Snow in the Sky” by Teri Mallos