Room Rental Rates

Organizations and individuals utilizing rooms at the Stevenson Center and Muskegon Community College will be assessed the following daily rates.  Rates are based off from 1/2 day or full day rates and not-for profit or business:

Room Seating Capacity Not-for-Profit Business
L167-L169 Board Room 14 $20/$30 $35/$60
Standard Classroom 46 or less $35/$60 $55/$100
Large Classroom 47 to 64 $50/$90 $80/$150
University Room 120-150 $80/$150 $130/$250
1200-1226 60 $50/$90 $80/$150
1202-1208 60 $50/$90 $80/$150
Blue & Gold Room 84 $55/$100 $85/$150
Community Foundation Room (1100) 150 $80/$150 $130/$250
Collegiate Hall 250 $130/$250 $205/$400
Overbrook Theater 280 $155/$300 $230/$450

Computer Labs are equipped with Microsoft Office 2010 Products. If software needs to be installed, additional charges will be assessed.

Room Seating Capacity Not-for-Profit Business
Room 162 16 $80/$160 $120/$240
Room 1210 20 $100/$200 $150/$300
Room L261 27 $135/$270 $202/$405
Room 1204 30 $150/$300 $225/$450
Room L361 30 $150/$300 $225/$450
Room L363 30 $150/$300 $225/$450

NOTE: All rooms include – Computer, Projector, and DVD/VHS Players.  MCC does have built-in wireless internet connection on campus.


Custodial Overtime Charge

Saturdays After 3:00 pm: Any event meeting after 3:00 pm on Saturdays will be charged $45.00 per hour for custodial services (a 3-hour minimum will be charged). One hour arrival and two hours departure time must be added to the actual time of the event to determine the overtime cost.  If the event runs into Sunday, the overtime fee will be $60/hour.

Sundays and Holidays: MCC is closed on Sundays and nationally-recognized holidays.  We are also closed on selected University holidays.

Computer Labs And Overbrook Theater: Computer Labs and the Overbrook Theater requiring technical staff will be assessed an additional hourly rate for their technical services.

General Notes:

  • MCC does not allow any selling on campus
  • MCC is a dry campus
  • In compliance with Federal and State laws, fire regulations, and Board of Trustees policy, the use, distribution or sale of tobacco, electronic cigarettes (e-cigarette) in addition to the possession, use or smoking of medical marijuana is prohibited in Muskegon Community College buildings, extension centers, and on College premises.