Biomedical Engineering Technology

This curriculum is designed to prepare a student for employment as a Biomedical Technician. The biomedical electronics technician is a person knowledgeable in the theory of operation, the underlying physiological principles, and the safe clinical application of biomedical equipment. Responsibilities may include installation, calibration, inspection, preventive maintenance, and repair of general biomedical and related technical equipment. The technician might be involved in the operation of equipment and in equipment control, safety, and maintenance. Upon completing this program students will be prepared to work as a Biomedical Technician, Biomedical Electronics Technician or Electronics Technician. Students planning to transfer to a four-year college should consult with an MCC Counselor.

Source: MCC 2021-22 Catalog

ENG 101 English Composition 3
Choose one (1) Course From: 3
BCOM 102 Advanced Bus. and Tech Communications
ENG 102 English Composition
COM 201 Public Speaking
Choose one (1) Course From: 3-4
BUS 127 Human Relations
ANTH 103 Cultural Diversity in Contemporary Society
ECON 101A Principles of Macroeconomics
HE 110 Industrial Safety and Workplace Training 1
Choose one (1) Course From: 3-4
TMAT 102A Technical Math II
TMAT 201 Technical Math III
MATH 100A Intermediate Algebra
MATH 111 Algebra with Coordinate Geometry (Recommended for Transfer)
BIOL 152L&L 4
Anatomy & Physiology I
BIOL 252L&L 4
Anatomy & Physiology II
CIA 120A Intro to Computer Information Systems 3
CIS 183 Networking Technologies 3
ELTC 101AL&L Electricity Basic 4
ELTC 150 Industrial Electricity 3
ELTC 220 Electrical Troubleshooting 3
ELTR 101A Electronics Basic 4
ELTR 102B Electronics 1 – Active Devices 4
ELTR 112A Digital Electronics ! 4
ELTR 212A Biomedical Instrumentation II 4
ELTR 214 Biomedical Instrumentation II 3
TECH 290CI Cooperative Internship 6
TOTAL 62-64