Apprentice Training

In cooperation with local employers, MCC provides training for men and women enrolled by their employers in formal apprenticeship agreements approved by the Office of Apprenticeship, U.S. Department of Labor. Such training programs include classroom instruction at the College as well as on-the-job training and usually take two to four years to complete.

We currently have apprentices at various area companies learning through this combination of classroom instruction and structured work-based learning. Each program is tailored to the needs of the individual company and approved by the U.S. Department of Labor. For help in developing or expanding an apprentice training program at a company, contact the Apprenticeship Coordinator above.

Certificate and Degree Options
At the completion of the academic classroom instruction and on-the-job work experience, a registered apprentice will receive a Certificate of Completion from the U.S. Department of Labor, achieving the status commonly referred to as a “journeyperson.” An apprentice that has received a Certificate of Completion may elect to participate in graduation ceremonies and receive a MCC Skilled Trades Technology Certificate in recognition of their accomplishment.

Once achieving the status of journeyperson, students may need only a few more courses toward an Associate Degree in a skilled trades technology major.

What if I don’t have a sponsoring employer?
Even a student who is not currently sponsored by an employer can take any of the technology courses offered at MCC. The Apprentice Training department can help a student choose a curriculum that will provide a strong foundation in the technical trades and increase employability.

For more information, contact:

Jared Olson
Apprenticeship and Internship Coordinator
Office of Academic Affairs
Muskegon Community College
221 S Quarterline Road #1112
Muskegon MI 49442
Phone: (231) 777-0300
Fax: (231) 777-0452

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