Automotive Technician Certificate

The curriculum is designed to educate and train personnel to fill the mechanical, technical, and supervisory position in the automotive industry. Upon completing the program students will be prepared to work as an Auto Mechanic, Automotive Service Technician, Automotive Technician, or Automotive Parts Specialist. Students planning to transfer should consult with an MCC counselor. This is intended to go directly into the workforce.

Choose One (1) Course from: 3-4
TMAT 102A Technical Math II
TMAT 201 Technical Math III
MATH 100A Intermediate Algebra
MATH 111 Algebra with Coordinate Geometry (recommended for transfer)
AT 114 Automotive Power Plants (Engine Rebuilding) 3
AT 120 Intro to Electrical Systems I 3
AT 121 Electrical Systems II 3
AT 122 Fuel Systems and Emission Controls 3
AT 123 Engine Tune Up (Driveability) 3
AT 150A  Automotive Brakes 3
AT 160A Automotive Air Conditioning 3
AT 210 Powertrains (Manual Drivetrains) 3
AT 212 Alignment and Suspension 3
Total 30-31

Source: MCC 2022-23 Catalog