Manufacturing Technology Certificate

This curriculum is designed to educate and train personnel to fill supervisory and technical positions related in the manufacturing industry. Student will learn and apply manufacturing principles using industry leading technology. The program will emphasize process management, quality control, and skilled trades. Upon completing this program students will be prepared to work as a manufacturing technician, automation technician, production technician, or an advance manufacturing associate. Students planning to transfer should consult with an MCC counselor.

Source: MCC 2023-24 Catalog

AMT 129A – Introduction to Technology 3
CAD 150 – Blueprint Reading 3
HE 110 – Industrial Safety and Workplace Training 1
HP 101 – Hydraulics/Pneumatics 3
ELTC 101AL&L – Electricity-Basic 4
MET 101 – Industrial Materials 3
MT 101B – Basic Machining 4
QC 101 – Quality Control 3
W 101A – Basic Welding 3
Choose One (1) Course from: 3-5
MATH 109A – College Algebra
MATH 141 – Precalculus
TMAT 101A Technical Math I
TMAT 102A – Technical Math II
TMAT 201 – Technical Math III
TOTAL  30-32

Students are advised that it could be dangerous to wear contact lenses in any area where fumes from chemicals, solvents, gases, and areas where electrical flash may be present. You should plan to wear prescription eyeglasses if you take classes where these hazards exist.