Dream Spark for CIS students

MSDN Academic Alliance


Hendrik Meijer Library/Information Technology Center

Muskegon Community College has a contract with MicroSoft allowing us to check out selected software to students enrolled in specific classes. Currently there are over 20 CIS classes covered by this agreement. Students must be currently enrolled in the class to be eligible to check out the software.

To participate, a student needs to speak with his or her instructor. Their instructor will give the student a software information form to fill out. The form will include student name, student number, course enrolled in, email address, and name of software he or she wishes to check out. The forms are sent or brought to the library by the instructor or the student.

When the filled-out form is received in the library, the student’s email address is added to the MSDNAA database. The student then receives an automated email message from MicroSoft with instructions on how to reserve the software. The message will include a URL for accessing the MSDNAA Web site and a username and password.  This initial email message should be saved for future reference.

At the MSDNAA Web site, the student should log in and reserve the software for pickup at the library. After reserving the software, students should view the product details to get the serial number (product key code) to use on installation. There are some products that do not require a serial number to install. After reserving the software, the student has up to 72 hours to pick it up in the library. If a student is unable to get to the library within 72 hours, they may reserve it again online.   For detailed information about this process view the MSDNAA PowerPoint  file.

Note that there may be several different software programs available at the MSDNAA Web site. Though students may be able to reserve any of the software listed at the MSDNAA site, Hendrik Meijer Library staff may only check out the software that has been designated for the class in which the student is currently enrolled.

Students may pick up the software at the Reference Desk in the library. A library card will be needed. A driver’s license or State I.D. is required to apply for a library card. Software is loaned out for two to three days.   Extended loan periods are granted if necessary.  Students may elect to copy the software onto their own CD in the library.