MCC Master Plan Construction Update

Supported by the taxpayers of Muskegon County


MCC Science Center

MCC Science Center

MCC Science Center
(opened Fall 2015)




Downtown Center rendering (updated October 2016)

MCC Downtown Center

MCC Downtown Center

(opening Fall 2017)





Health and Wellness Center

MCC Health and Wellness Center

MCC Health and Wellness Center
(opening Summer 2018)





MCC Arts and Humanities Center Rendering

MCC Arts and Humanities Center

MCC Arts and Humanities Center
(opening Winter 2018)





For more information, contact:

John Selmon, Provost and Executive Vice President
Phone: (231) 777-0265 Email:

Gerald Nyland, Director of Physical Plant
Phone: (231) 777-0315  Email:


Building Projects At-a-Glance through Jan. 30 2017

Science Center –
$9.6 million
Health and Wellness Center & Lakeshore Fitness Center – $14.1 million Downtown Center -$14.27 million Arts and Humanities Center – $9 million
  • $4.6 million – State of Michigan DTMB
  • $4.6 million – millage
  • $400,000 – MCC
  • $6.1 million – millage
  • $5.6 million – Capital Outlay
  • $2.4 million- will seek bond


  • $7.2 million – millage
  • $7.07 million – donations, grants (including $2.51 EDA Grant) etc.

$4.1 million MEDC Equipment Only Grant in addition to construction budget

  • $6.1 million – millage
  • $2.9 million -fundraising
  • Architect: Kingscott/BMA
  • Construction: Clark Construction
  • Architect:The Collaborative
  • Construction: Clark Construction
  • Managed Services Firm: Power Wellness
  • Architect: C2AE/MMA/Prein Newhof
  • Construction: Clark Construction
  • Architect: Progressive AE
  • Construction: TBD
Latest Accomplishments
 Project completed on August 24, 2015 Health and Wellness Center

  • Submitted Phase 200/300: programming and Schematic Design Summary.
  • Cleared site in preparation for start of construction Spring of 2017.Lakeshore Fitness Center
  • The Lakeshore Fitness Center has completed a series of upgrades in the past month including:
  • Replacement of a new hot water boiler
  • Addition of new LED lighting in the gymnasium
  • Addition of new LED lighting in the parking lot and entrance areas
Construction Progress to Date:

  • 2nd loor Area B rough in overhead work is 98% complete
  • Exterior restoration is 30% complete
  • CMU walls Area B 2nd floor is 98% complete
  • 1st Floor Area B demolition is 98% complete
  • Drywall installation is 96% complete on Area B 2nd Floor
  • Drywall finishing is 96% complete
  • Basement B demolition is 90% complete
  • Fire protection 90% installed on the second floor
  • Painting in Area B 2nd floor is 75% complete
  • Painting in Area B 1st floor is 30% complete
  • Rough in MEP underground 50% complete
  • CMU walls 1st floor Area B are 80% complete
  • Ceilings grids are 30% installed in Area B 2nd floor
  • Demo Area A has restarted
  • Area A electrical mezzanine support steel 25% complete
  • Rough in fire protection Temple 1st floor 90% complete
  • Rough in fire protection Temple 2nd floor 25% complete
  • Completed design development and presented to Arts and Humanities Committee Jan. 13, 2017
Next Steps
Health and Wellness Center

  • Continuing with design development (include simulation lab, given new Capital Outlay Grant approval) for the DMTB 400 Level submission scheduled for January 2017,
  • Seek approval for DMTB to move forward with construction plans for the project
  • Continue developing new academic and athletic programs for the Health and Wellness Center
  • Waiting for feedback from the state regarding our 200/300 level submittal
Projected Construction for the Next Month:

  • Complete demolition Area A
  • Begin work of classroom build out
  • Complete drywall installation and finishing Area B 1st floor
  • Complete rough-in MEP and Fire Protection 2nd floor Area B
  • Finish Rough-in MEP and Fire Protection qst floor Area B
  • Finish floor prep on Area B 2nd floor and floor infills
  • Complete Painting Area B 2nd floor
  • Complete ceiling grid install Area B 2nd floor
  • Apply Sona Spray in the welding lab
  • Select Construction Manager April 2017
  • Complete Construction documents by December 2017
Remaining Timeline
Health and Wellness Center

  • Late Spring 2017: Anticipated construction start for the new Health and Wellness Center
  • Summer 2018: Complete new Health and Wellness Center
  • Anticipate partial Fall of 2017 project completed and handed over to owner. The “old” Chronicle section should be ready for a fall class start, including welding and CAD, but the “new” Chronicle and former Temple should be complete in November for a January 2018 start to classes,etc.
  • Winter 2018: Renovation completed.