MCC Master Plan Construction Update

Supported by the taxpayers of Muskegon County


MCC Science Center

MCC Science Center

MCC Science Center
(opened Fall 2015)




Downtown Center rendering (updated October 2016)

MCC Downtown Center

MCC Downtown Center

(opening Fall 2017)





Health and Wellness Center

MCC Health and Wellness Center

MCC Health and Wellness Center
(opening Winter 2019)





MCC Arts and Humanities Center Rendering

MCC Arts and Humanities Center

MCC Arts and Humanities Center
(opening Summer 2019)





For more information, contact:

John Selmon, Provost and Executive Vice President
Phone: (231) 777-0265 Email:

Gerald Nyland, Director of Physical Plant
Phone: (231) 777-0315  Email:


Building Projects At-a-Glance through July 7, 2017

Science Center –
$9.6 million
Health and Wellness Center & Lakeshore Fitness Center – $14.1 million Downtown Center -$14.27 million Arts and Humanities Center – $9 million
  • $4.6 million – State of Michigan DTMB
  • $4.6 million – millage
  • $400,000 – MCC
  • $6.1 million – millage
  • $5.6 million – Capital Outlay
  • $2.4 million- will seek bond


  • $7.2 million – millage
  • $7.07 million – donations, grants (including $2.51 million EDA Grant) etc.

$4.1 million MEDC Equipment Only Grant in addition to construction budget

  • $6.1 million – millage
  • $2.9 million -fundraising
  • Architect: Kingscott/BMA
  • Construction: Clark Construction
  • Architect:The Collaborative
  • Construction: Clark Construction
  • Architect: C2AE/MMA/Prein Newhof
  • Construction: Clark Construction
  • Architect: Progressive AE
  • Construction: TBD
Latest Accomplishments
Project completed on August 24, 2015
  • The 200/300 submission went to the state in May and was included in the state budget legislation.
  • Governor expected to sign the budget soon.
  • Work is continuing on the 400 submission so it can be transmitted as as the governor signs the budget.
  • Bidding for the first project phase, which involves running electrical to the new H&W location, was received and is being held until state capital outlay funds can be spent.
Construction Progress to date:

  • All masonry walls are complete on the 2nd floor of Area A
  • Masonry walls are 85% complete on 1st floor Area A
  • All masonry walls in the basement are painted
  • Lighting fixtures have begun in Materials testing
  • Steel for AHU #4 has begun installation
  •  Limestone replacement is complete on front entryway
  • K13 spray has been apllied in the loading dock area
  • Overhead coiling doors have been installed
  • Buss duct in the foundry has been installed
  • All overhead rough-in work is complete in Area B buildout
  • The Construction RFP was awarded to Clark in may. The project construction start for the technology building and theater renovations was delayed to Fall 2018, but Overbrook bridge work, signage, lighting and exterior door renovations will take place following on the heels of the Health and Wellness Center electrical work being funded out of MCC annual capital funds.
Next Steps
Health and Wellness Center

  • Pursue approval of the level 400 submission and move to groundbreaking.
Projected Construction for the next Month:

  • Stair #5 will be installed Monday July 2nd
  • All flooring for the entire building will begin July 10th
  • Epoxy countertops will be installed next week
  • AHU’s 4 & 9 will be set July 17th
  • Metal panel ceilings in the entryway will be installed
  • Toilet partitions for basement, 1st and 2nd levels of Area B will be installed
  • Welding lab equipment will be put in exact locations
  • Floors will begin to be polished July 17th
  • Gas storage building will be built
  • All k13 spray will be applied to ceilings
  • Complete Cost estimate and validate budget by Fall 2018
  • Start construction Fall 2018
Remaining Timeline
Health and Wellness Center

  • Fall 2017: Anticipated groundbreaking
  • Winter 2019: Building opening
  • A soft opening will be held on Friday August 25 and the “old” Chronicle section will be ready for a Fall class start, including welding, CAD and foundry. The “new” Chronicle and former Masonic Temple first floor will be complete in November for a January 2018 start to classes and other Center activities.
  • Summer 2019: Renovation completed.