Online Instruction


Muskegon Community College offered its first online course in the fall of 1998.  Today we offer numerous challenging online courses–taught by the same caliber of faculty you have come to expect from MCC.  Click on the link “ABOUT DISTANCE EDUCATION” to the left to learn more.

WHY TAKE ONLINE COURSES?  Online courses offer you the convenience of taking courses from remote areas and the scheduling flexibility to fit your life’s circumstances.  Our affordable tuition rate is just one more reason to take online classes here at MCC.  Did you know that online and hybrid courses cost the same as our traditional face-to-face courses?

ARE YOU READY TO TAKE AN ONLINE CLASS?  To determine your readiness level, please click on the “ONLINE READINESS QUESTIONNAIRE” link to your left.  After completing this short questionnaire you will know how prepared you are to take an online class.  All students wishing to take an online class should complete this assessment first.

WHAT ARE AN INSTRUCTOR’S EXPECTATIONS OF ONLINE STUDENTS?  Please click on the link to the left to determine your minimum technology (hardware and software) requirements and the personal skill sets you will be expected to have.

TO REGISTER AND SCHEDULE ONLINE CLASSES please click on the link to the left.  If you have not been admitted to the college please click on “GET STARTED” at the top of this web page first.

I JUST REGISTERED FOR AN ONLINE CLASS.  NOW WHAT?  Click on the link to the left to access this information.  It is important that you check your MCC email–instructors may be sending you information about how to begin your online course.  Make sure to empty your MCC mailbox periodically (old mail, deleted items folder, and junk mail folder).

More information can be found on the left side of this page.  IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, contact the Distance Education Coordinator, Christopher VanOosterhout, at .