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MCC Nursing Program Application Checklist

To better enable individuals to validate the course competencies required for admission into the Muskegon Community College Nursing Program, and to enhance their chance for success, the following high school educational preparation is recommended: Biology 1 year, Chemistry 1 year, General Math 1 year, Algebra – intermediate & advanced, English 3 – 4 years, and Computer 1 year.

Counseling services are available to assist students in career and educational planning. Prospective students are strongly advised to make an appointment in the Counseling and Advising Center. (Room 1050, 777-0362,

Individuals interested in pursuing admission are advised to make early application as spaces are limited. When applicants complete the entry level requirements they are placed on a ready list and admitted on a first come, first served basis.

Up to one hundred spaces will be available for generic admission applicants each year.  Students who are notified of admission may defer admission twice without losing their placement on the ready list. However, the student must enter on the third notification or be removed from the ready list and complete a new Nursing Program application. All requirements for coursework will be re-activated including the need to revalidate any course work over 8 years old. Spaces vacated by generic students exiting from the Program upon completion of Level I will be available for NUR 212B advanced placement applicants each Fall and Winter. Spaces vacated through attrition will be available for applicants eligible for advanced placement into any nursing course. A student who exits the Program may apply to a course waitlist within two years without having to met general entry requirements. {Any necessary general education requirements must be successfully completed prior to waitlist application.}

If the number of ready applicants exceeds the number of spaces available, the applicants with the earliest ready dates will be admitted. Any applicants remaining, after the spaces available are filled, will be placed on the ready list for the next admission date. Applicants on the ready list are encouraged to take the required non-nursing courses.

* Effective 2011, up to half of all Nursing admissions to each class will be selected from the applicants who have completed all general education courses for the AAS Degree.

Entry Requirements and Application Information

Academic prerequisites and requirements for admission to the Nursing Program are outlined in the checklist located at the top of this page. Program admission is based on a first come, first served basis; once the entry requirements have been met, the applicant will be placed on the “Ready List”.  It is the responsibility of each student to notify the Records Office of an address, name, and/or phone number change(s).   The College will not be responsible for any incident arising from the student’s failure to update this information.  Please note:  The MCC Nursing Program uses the MCC email system as the major point of contact with potential nursing students, including to notify them of admission opportunities.  Please make sure to check your MCC email on a regular basis.

Students with questions regarding the checklist or students who are ready to fill out an application should contact the Counseling and Advising Center, Room 1050 – 231.777.0362 or email to Once the Requirement Checklist is complete, schedule an appointment with a MCC Counselor to complete the Nursing Program Application.   When all general education requirements have been completed, the student may apply for accelerated admission with a MCC Nursing Counselor.  Applications will not be available during walk-in counseling.

Acceptance of Course Credit

Credits for courses completed at Muskegon Community College or other post-secondary educational institutions will be accepted toward fulfillment of the nursing (PN and AAS) curriculum requirements provided that all of the following criteria are met:

  • The courses are determined equivalent to the courses required in the MCC Nursing curriculum.
  • Nursing courses must be completed with a minimum grade of a C+ (2.3).
  • The general education courses must be completed with a minimum grade of a C (2.0).
  • The courses were completed within eight years prior to the ready date.
  • LEAP credits may be required for students transferring credits in from a non-accredited college or university.  (Fees may apply.)

Official transcripts from institutions other than Muskegon Community College should be sent to Muskegon Community College, attention: Transfer Evaluation for credit evaluation.

* Reminders: If testing/coursework is over 8 years old competency must be validated on established examinations or by repeating the course. Courses in the Nursing Curriculum must be completed in sequence; see also Nursing Career Ladder – Curriculum Design for required course sequence.

Readmission Requirements

A student who exits the Program for personal or academic reasons is eligible to apply to a course waitlist within two (2) years of exiting.  An application for course waitlists can be found on the Blackboard Student Nurse Resource site.

A student who repeats any 3 different NUR or AH courses will be required to write a remediation plan that delineates a clear plan for future success and that is acceptable to the Nursing Faculty Admissions and Progressions Committee prior to readmission. A student with 3 or more different NUR or AH course repeats who is not successful during or following the implementation of a faculty approved probationary remediation plan will be ineligible for readmission.

A student readmitted to the Nursing Program after withdrawal from or failure to achieve a minimum grade of a C+ (2.3) in a Nursing course may repeat the (same) course one time.  Students repeating a course are required to complete all components of the course, including theory, labs, and clinical.  All work submitted by the student must be completed within the current semester. If a passing grade is not attained when the course is repeated, the student will be ineligible for readmission.

PN to RN Admission Requirements

Transfer students and MCC students who exited at the PN level and have been out for more than two (2) years would need to see Counseling for an admission application.  These students would need to meet all current Program requirements and submit evidence of a current, unencumbered Michigan LPN license as well as a letter from current employer that indicates a minimum of 6 months current work experience in the LPN role.

MCC students who exited the Program wish to return within two (2) years may apply to a course waitlist via the application on the Blackboard Student Nurse Resource site.

A student readmitted to the Nursing Program after withdrawal from or failure to achieve a minimum grade of a C+ (2.3) in a Nursing course may repeat the (same) course one time. If a passing grade is not attained when the course is repeated, the student will be ineligible for readmission.